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About Me


Jackie Edwards is a 5-Time Olympian in the sport of Track and Field, a feat accomplished only by one other person in history in her event (long jump). Having attended Stanford University on a full athletic scholarship, in 2008, she was one of seven people inducted into Stanford's prestigious Athletic Hall of Fame. With a Master's degree is Sport Psychology, Jackie is a very powerful motivational speaker who has spoken all over the world to a wide variety of audiences. She inspires and engages her audiences by relating life lessons learned through her athletic experiences and truly believes that never being afraid to fail has been pivotal to her success. Hear more about her journey of overcoming, perseverance and dedication in order to rise the top.

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"Don't wish for it, work for it!"

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Keynote Speaker Topics


5th Times the Charm: How Big Failures Can Become Even Bigger Successes

Sometimes, not all the time, we win when we lose. Sometimes, we grow when we fail. Sometimes, we make giant leaps forward after we've taken a few steps backwards. The challenge is to figure out how to dust yourself off after a fall, how to see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, to find the courage to not allow one let down define you or your future. Even if that failure is on the world stage, when all eyes are on you in your 5th and final Olympic Games.

Managing Adversity, Transitioning and Owning Your Own Outcome Through the Eyes of Elite Performance

Whether you are an athlete, a business owner, an employee or an entertainer, we all go through adversity. See a thriving entrepreneur or a world record holder and they'll tell you, the path to success is never one straight line. Most of us who claim any modicum of success, take the circuitous route to get our final desired destination.


How do you deal with that adversity? Do you get stuck rehashing all the negatives? Are you deterred easily? Are you solution-oriented?


This discussion delves into how we can not only experience adversity but thrive after that experience.

How Competence Builds Confidence and Promotes Peak Performance

Some people are born confident. For others, it is an acquired skill set. Either way, once you gain confidence, your path to performing at a consistently high level becomes easier and easier. But how does a person become confident if they're not naturally born that way or if nothing they've experienced leads them to feel that they should be confident a person?

One of the best, most effective ways to build confidence in yourself or in another person is to build their level of competency. Let me show you how you create short term goals in order to have long term success, how practice instills resilience, which increases motivation, which enhances your mindset, and ultimately your skill and competence. High competency directly translates into high confidence and high performance. This is the key to long term high achievement.

Leadership: What's Your Leadership Style and How Do You Motivate Others to Achieve?

Often times when people think of leaders, they think of someone who is a loud, take-charge, my-way or the highway, dominant type personality. That type of leader is an Autocratic Leader but there are several others. I was the captain of my Bahamas Olympic team twice. I was also captain of the track team at Stanford University my senior year. I am nothing like an Autocratic Leader. My style is more Transformational, "having a knack for encouraging participation", "an inspiring bearing/presence".

There are two other leadership styles that I will discuss - Democratic and Laissez-Faire. Each style has it's own benefits and drawbacks but I think what is even more critical than being given the title of "Leader" is your capacity to be flexible, to be able to ebb and flow through all 4 styles, if and when necessary, if the goal is to successfully motivate and inspire a group of differing personalities to achieve at a high level.

WOMEN: Empowered, Enlightened & Entitled

“A strong woman is someone who isn't afraid to share her opinions and speak her truth. She listens, but she doesn't allow others problems to bring her down. She is filled with kindness, generosity, compassion, integrity, a willingness to be vulnerable, and authenticity. No matter what she is true to herself." As women on the sports field, in the work place, board room, military, entertainment industry and at home, we are constantly in a state of proving that we are good enough or that we belong. That we have earned the right to voice our opinions, take control of our bodies, be valued for our thoughts and to have an equal say in issues that matter.

My experience as a female athlete in a male dominated arena was eye-opening, transformational, empowering and challenging. Learning tools to navigate our chosen field so that we still feel heard AND seen without sacrificing out integrity and femininity is sometimes arduous but in the end, always worth it.

Other Topics Available Upon Request

  • Longevity, Resilience & Motivation

  • Team Building, Cohesion & Culture

  • Health, Wellness & Well-Being: Thriving On and Off the Field

  • Short Term Goals, Long Term Success

  • Jumpstart Your Dreams

  • Custom Topic at Request of Client

Fun Facts



Number of times Jackie was selected to be Bahamas Olympic team captain. Speaking on behalf of others in this capacity launched her public speaking career.


The furthest distance in feet Jackie has ever long jumped -

 22ft 7 3/4 ins.


Number of years Jackie has held and continues to hold the long jump record at her alma mater Stanford University.


Number of countries around the world Jackie has traveled to.


Further distance in miles Jackie has traveled to a speaking  engagement - 

Los Angeles to Mumbai, India.

Largest audience Jackie has ever spoken to as a keynote speaker - corporate sales event in Las Vegas.




1 / Women of CoreNet Speech (Virtual) 

2 / WSADA Speech, Whistler, Canada
(Washington State Auto Dealership Association)
3 / Gold Medal Home Staging & Design


"Women of CoreNet is still receiving accolades for your program! It really was one of the best CoreNet No CA Chapter's events in the last year. Thank you again for all the prep you put into making your presentation so detailed and so able for the members to be engaged in and relate to. We hope our paths cross again soon!" ~ Nancy Morse, Women of CoreNet Senior Managing Director, Global Corporate Services

"Congratulations and thanks again for helping to make this a successful, memorable event! You did a great job and WSADA members received a lasting benefit!" ~ Vicki Fabre, Executive Vice President, WSADA

"Thank you again for offering us your valuable time to discuss the perils of your success with our membership. We have been receiving very positive feedback from the event! Thank you for sharing your vision and insight on what leadership and achieving success has meant to you." ~ Clifton Moseley, National Sales Network LA Chapter, Board Chairman

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